When it comes to Social Media Advertising, Facebook is deffinetly the most popular form although what people do not realise is that there are literally hundreds of networking sites available to link up to your existing advertising, Linkedin is a proffesional network worth getting involved with and other sites such as Blogger and myspace can be interlinked to your website to increase your SEO and get fantastic results on the search engines. Smartphone searches, will connect all social media angles to your existing site all included in our social media package
Smartphone Searches. The Smart Way to Search.
Carnforth, Cumbria.
If you are not already making use of Smartphone Searches as a method of marketing your business or niche, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach out to hundreds of millions of active Smartphone & Facebook users. Today, Facebook has become one of the most popular online social networking websites, making it a veritable untapped network for traffic and business. Smartphone users spend a great amount of time on Facebook looking to make new friends, interact with people, play games and interact within interest groups. When you make it possible for your advertising message to travel to these people through Facebook, you will absolutely see a spike in the amount of website traffic that you attract, and you will also see more members, more subscriptions, more searches, more sales and more inquiries! Smartphone searches, connect you to local groups and make your Facebook page interesting to the people that see it, invite your friends to your page so that they can become fans of your business. Both pages and groups are two excellent channels that you can use to gather more potential customers as well as to build more brand awareness on Facebook.